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Flutter development without Android Studio

written by sevensidedmarble on 5. February 2020

As I've been using and learning more about Flutter, I've been trying to keep my development setup as lean as possible. Although I appreciate Android Studio, as it is a pretty well made IDE, this is linux we're talking about--we have vim, emacs, etc., we don't need big IDEs if we don't want them.

This is roughly what I've done to set up a dev environment for Flutter.

Package installation

Using your AUR helper of choice (I personally use yay):

# Install dependencies
yay -S android-platform android-sdk android-sdk-build-tools \
  android-sdk-platform-tools flutter flutter-dev android-emulator

Then, as per the Arch Wiki, create a new group for the android-sdk directory:

# Add a new group
groupadd android-sdk

# Add our user to the group
gpasswd -a ${USER} android-sdk

# Set permissions in this directory
setfacl -R -m g:android-sdk:rwx /opt/android-sdk
setfacl -d -m g:android-sdk:rwX /opt/android-sdk

# This is only necessary if you don't want to log out and back in
newgrp android-sdk

And then use sdkmanager to set up the Android binaries/emulator/etc.

# Download the packages we need
# Note: I am not an Android expert, not sure if you really need all these
sdkmanager "platform-tools" "platforms;android-29" "emulator"

Accept the software licenses:

sdkmanager --licenses

You should be able to run flutter doctor -v then to ensure everything is setup correctly.

That should be it right?

Unfortunately, these instructions don't seem to really work for me. Even after a login/logout, the permissions via the new group we create above did not work for me. These were instructions on the Arch Linux Wiki. Instead, I ended up changing the group to my users group:

chown root:marble -R /opt/android-sdk

Then things worked relatively well for me. I don't really know why the group hack in the wiki doesn't work for me.