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Compiling Godot on Arch Linux

written by sevensidedmarble on 13. January 2020

I like using the AUR package for most things if it's available, but I recently got very interested in the impressive Voxel Tools package for Godot, made by Zylann. To use it, you need to compile Godot from source.

I had some issues getting this to work at first, and eventually realized I needed the libglvnd package on Arch. I'm not sure why the documentation doesn't mention this on the Arch Wiki. Maybe my system is just weird. But you can try to install it all with:

pacman -S libglvnd scons pkgconf gcc libxcursor libxinerama \
  libxi libxrandr mesa glu alsa-lib pulseaudio freetype2 yasm

Hope that helps you if you're getting any weird errors compiling Godot.